Where are we watching?

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Leith Dunn
Jamaica Institute for Gender and Development Studies Mona Unit, University of the West...
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Lorena Merino
Spain Pangea
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Javier Ruiz
United Kingdom Open Rights Group
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Ana Laura Rivoir
Uruguay ObservaTIC (Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de la República)
GISWATCH has an ambitious outlook: dealing with global issues through the lenses of local activists. The range of perspectives from around the world on chosen issues, is a unique factor of GISWATCH
- Partha Sarker, Bytes for all, Bangladesh - GISWatch author
The project is very valuable and provides fantastic insight to the subjects as it tries to get first hand information from the writers from/within the countries in question. I think this way it creates an alternative resource to those that are prepared by Western institutions by going to these countries for few weeks only. Therefore GISWatch provides a much more authentic information.
- Gunes Tavmen, Hun Consulting, Turkey - GISWatch author