Where are we watching?

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Adriana Sánchez
Costa Rica Cooperativa Sulá Batsú
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Jochai Ben-Avie
United States Access
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Esther Weltevrede
Netherlands Digital Methods Initiative
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Willie Currie
South Africa Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
GISWatch is a unique experience, I think. Don´t know if there is a similar project in other fields. Having each year the possibility of tackling a particular issue of the field of rights and ICT, convoquing experts to analyse it from different perspectives and counting with about 50 countries in each edition, to get down that analysis to each particular territory is very valuable.
I love the project and I think it is a very very unique snapshot of "the internet" and "the real world" - it is a global snapshot and horizon scan... it is very valuable for me to look back on the reports from all the countries and draw comparisons... it is like the story of the internet.. different chapters, different themes, every year :)
- Mireille Raad, Lebanon - GISWatch author