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Cattolica University in Milan
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Thirty years experience in the security sector area executive roles  for major Italian and international companies in the banking (SIA), oil & gas (ENI) and telecommunication (Telecom Italia) sectors.

Developed extensive experience in:

•       ICT Security Governance, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Business Intelligence, Prevention of crimes over the internet, Fraud Management and Investigations, Physical Security, Security Training, Security Audits, Security Awareness.

•       Collaboration with national and international Law Agencies.

Member of several working groups in Governmental and Intergovernmental (ITU, European Commission) entities concerning cybersecurity, covering the role of Deputy chairman of the ITU Council working group on Child on line Protection.

Adjunct Professor at Cattolica University in Milan. Officer of Italian Police (Carabinieri). Author of articles and publications in security matters.

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