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Born 1954 in Freiburg/Germany;

Studies (English and Economics) in Heidelberg;

After training in journalism working experience in print media, news agencies and public broadcasting;

In charge of media and public relations for several humanitarian organisations (terre des hommes etc.) in Germany and Austria;

Election campaign organizer and parliamentarian consultant of the German Green Party (1982 – 83);

Several consultancies in development cooperation and project management overseas (Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.);

Executive secretary of the Swiss Forum against Racism;

Project manager and central secretary of the Swiss media union (comedia), in charge of electronic media and communication departments;

Founding member and Co-President of the Swiss Plateform on the Information Society (Comunica-ch), representing Swiss civil society during WSIS I and II;

Freelanced journalist and consultant on media policy and regulation, new media and information society;

Founding and board member of EURALO – ICANN’s European At-Large organisation, acting Chair (2008-11);

Founding member and co-organiser of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG);

Project coordinator of TAO (Third Age Online) at Wikimedia Switzerland.

For more see my profile on LinkedIn http://ch.linkedin.com/in/wolfludwig