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Paul Mobbs is an independent consultant, researcher and writer on energy, environment and low impact technology. After leaving college he worked in the engineering industry, before leaving to set up his consultancy business in 1991. Specialising in waste, pollution and development issues, over the past sixteen years he has developed a consultancy and research portfolio that caters specifically for small NGO and community-level organisations.

Although working mainly with the regulatory system, over the last decade his work has also been published in various academic and trade journals, and he has been a consultant to a number of investigative documentaries produced by the print and broadcast media. He has undertaken significant research projects for small NGOs that have examined issues as diverse as the environmental impacts of nuclear power and waste management, to the benefits that the recycling of computer equipment bring to community groups. More recently his work has diversified to include projects that utilise his skills in information and communications technology (ICT) as part of community development projects, and this has led to innovative projects in Europe and the Caribbean. His diverse experience has also led him to serve as a non-executive director of large and small environmental NGOs.

Over the past eight years he has undertaken a lengthy research project on energy futures, and in particular on the role that renewable energy technologies might play following the decline of oil and gas reserves. As part of this project, in 2005 he published his book, "Energy Beyond Oil", that examined the energy and technological issues behind energy use in the UK, and how Peak Oil/Peak Gas will affect the UK in the future. In 2009 he gave a presentation on his latest research to an all-part Parliamentary group. This research continues, and informs his many speaking engagements for local community groups, universities and other organisations such as the British Council.

Paul Mobbs lives in Oxfordshire, England, with his wife and two children, and whilst not writing or given presentations he enjoys walking, gardening (for food!), cooking, reading and music.