Limits to technology: The ecological boundaires of the Information age

"Limits to technology examines the role of resource depletion and the ecological limits to human society"s future use of "technical systems" - a broad term covering not only our use of computers and mobile technologies, but also the electronics, metals and chemical components of everyday goods and products, and the latest "green technologies". Like the human system in general, our use of technology is subject to certain resource specific limits; by understanding these limits, and how they affect us all, we can address our minds to devising new ways to live our lives in an inevitably more resource-constrained future."

In the online version of Paul Mobbs' "Limits to Technology" presentation, he synthesises feedback from running sessions with various audiences of the presentation.

Slides and text attached.

Listen to the BBC World Service's "Business Weekly" programme, which has a feature on conflict metals (Week of November 28 2010).

Paul's book, "Energy Beyond Oil", is out now! For details see

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