Focus on internet and human rights in Azerbaijan: Interview with Vugar Gojayev

By Alan Finlay

 “Since the outbreak of the Arab Spring in 2011, government has shown much desire to regulate the internet. The uprising in the Guba district in March 2012 has shown the pivotal role that social media can play in Azerbaijani political life,” says Vugar Gojayev, in an interview related to a forthcoming report he wrote for the Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch 2011 Update I).


Internet charters and principles: Trends and insights



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A growing phenomenon in the internet governance arena is the emergence of charters and sets of principles which aim to guide policy making and to influence the behaviour of different stakeholders using the internet. The phenomenon is predominately driven by two separate but overlapping purposes: to articulate and promote a particular vision of the internet; and as an alternative to legislation and ex-ante regulation which is often considered ineffective, impractical and/or harmful.