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Florencia López Pezé participates in QuintanaLibre, a community network in Argentina, since 2012. She has been a member of AlterMundi for a little over a year. Her contribution has to do with her job as a communicator and graphic designer. She is part of the documentation team for the LibreRouter project and it's software tools. She is also a member of the Training Group of the CNSIG.

She works as a freelance graphic designer and makes freights with her 1976 Ford F-100 truck. She is the mother of a teenage boy with whom she lives in a small and austere house built with reused materials in the sierras of José de la Quintana. At the same time, she participates in experiences of social and collective organization in the territory that are grouped around the defense of environmental rights, land for a dignified life and gender equality.

For almost two decades she managed a graphic workshop that specialized in book publishing. This project aimed to generate a production logic that would put aside programmed obsolescence and intellectual property. To that end, flor learnt her way as an offset operator (a printing machine), a bookbinder artisan and a graphic designer with free software tools.

With the focus set upon generating open and free collective tools, she offered self-publishing workshops for independent writers in public
spaces, cultural centers and book fairs. Knowledge was shared so that anyone could self-edit their book with the freedom to choose how to do it through the use of design tools, proofreading, binding, licensing, sales logistics, cooperative distribution circuits, among other things.