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Vassilis Chryssos is co-founder and administrator of, a social enterprise which is building a Community Wireless Network in remote, isolated villages of central Greece. Vassilis is responsible for the development of strategy proposals and ensuring the implementation of adopted strategies. As a public speaker of Vassilis helps grow the international network of the organization and build a wide and respectful global reputation, which has led to numerous collaborations worldwide until now, securing grant funding for the organization.

In earlier years he was very active in organizing and orchestrating multiple social, environmental and digital citizens’ initiatives, initially on a grassroots level and later via organizations such as Medicines San Frontieres (MSF) Greece and Greek Free Open Source Society (GFOSS). He is an open technologies strategist, entrepreneur and an open data certified instructor by Open Data Institute, London.

He holds a BEng in production engineering and management and an MEng in production systems from the Production Engineering & Management dpt. and an MEng in quality control and environmental management from the Environmental Engineering dpt. of Technical University of Crete.