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Arzak Khan is a globally renowned internet governance and cyber security expert having extensive experience in ICTs, e-governance project management of globally recognized identity management and social safety net programs. He is also founder of Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan a leading think tank providing researchers, governments, regulators, operators, multilateral institutions, development agencies and community organizations with the information and analysis required to develop innovative and south centric policies for modern age cyber technologies.

The focus of most of his recent research has been on the expansion of internet access, dark side of technological changes and unintended consequences of “connectedness”. His upcoming book “Cyberwar the next threat to the national security of Pakistan” raises the critical linkage of mass surveillances, artificial intelligence and threats to the national security of Pakistan. He has also conducted various studies examining the impact of the digital divide in global south, growing use of internet connected devices in Pakistani society and role of Artifical Intelligence powered algorithms in civic and political participation.

Arzak holds a Master degree in Communication Management from Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, United Kingdom as a Chevening Scholar. He is also receiver of various prominent awards such as Media Policy Fellowship from University of Oxford in United Kingdom, DiploFoundation Policy Fellowship in Internet Governance. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden ICT4D scholar award to study globalization, development and ICT4D. PhD course award from Lillehammer University College Norway to research in “mediatization social and cultural change”. Recently Arzak received an award from UTS International Geneva, Geneva Internet Platform, and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for participating in digital commerce course to discuss the emerging digital policy issues such as cross-border data flows, data localisation, cybersecurity, consumer protection and the implications of emerging technologies for global digital trade.

Arzak also served as Advisory Board Member for London based Global Partner Digital Cyber Security Capacity Building programme for Global South. He has been invited as a cyber secuirty expert by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Netherlands at the renowned
Global Conference on Cyberspace. He has also participated as Civil Society Policy Expert on Artifical Intelligence to assist UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of expression and opinion on framing human rights based framework for artificial intelligence.