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Rafid A Y Fatani has been involved in the ‘Information Techonology’ industry in a variety of roles since the 90's. He is the founder and director of SASIconsult – Saudi Arabian Stratigic Internet Consultancy. SASIc is a leading Saudi ICT consultancy that offers an innovative portfolio of Internet related research and services.

As well as being involved in the industry through the company, Fatani is in the final stages of his interdisciplinary PhD, at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, looking at Global Internet governance and its implications on state actor policy formation. Fatani did an MA in International Affairs and his dissertation topic was on “The Global Governance of the Internet: Context, ICANN and the Case Study of the Chinese Alt Domain Name System Root”. Fatani’s academic interest started when he studied Internet Engineering at an undergraduate level, giving him a greater understanding on the technicalities of the broader topic.

Fatani has actively participated in the global scene since the start of the IGF process, including previously working with the United Nations Internet Governance Forum Secretariat. Since May 2010, Fatani joined the UK IGF, and is now very active in the national IGF process. His current focus is on ICT for development, public policy surrounding the Internet, access policy, ICT development (particularly in the MENA and Gulf region), Internet empowerment mechanisms, and being one of the youngest IGF participant, Fatani has often had to give the youth a voice in this and other global events.