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I am an international development consultant with 25 years experience in proposal writing, initiating, monitoring and evaluating social development, health, communications and IT programs in diverse settings – trade unions, villages, special presidential projects in Africa and Asia.

My work in policy development included developing a policy blueprint, 'The African Charter on Broadcasting', which was adopted by African Governments to frame the development of national communications legislation and regulation. I have used emerging opportunities in ICTs to respond to concerns that communities need to be better heard and informed, or to support livelihoods. I was an Advisor to the Community Radio Sector during the late stages of Apartheid and then South Africa’s transition to democracy. I was Country Director for Pact (Washington DC) in Mongolia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transition to a market economy and democratic government.

I have been a senior advisor and consultant to organisations in the extractive industries where I helped companies develop their Corporate Social Responsibility program to meet international standards, focussing on environmental, communications and socio-economic components. I have extensive managerial capabilities in the areas of communications and IT for development where my roles have included pan-African policy setting, developing global Internet Governance principles and evaluating enabling infrastructure and the potential applications of ICT in an African election.

Other roles have been in capacity building, civil society strengthening, localisation of programs, policy advice and developing training programs.

I am adept at stakeholder engagement – be it within remote rural communities, international NGOs, mining conglomerates or policy makers. My management style is to facilitate teams to deliver. I thrive in challenging environments.