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Ramon Roca i Tió is co-founder and the President of Fundació Privada per a la Xarxa Oberta, Lliure i Neutral guifi.net (The Foundation for the
Open, Free and Neutral Network -guifi.net). He has always been involved in IT social projects. In 2003 he had set up the first link of what few
months later became the guifi.net community network. That wireless link was his proposal to overcome the lack of ISPs Internet supply in his
village located in the rural area in the countryside of Catalonia. Immediately after, he started promoting his solution among his neighbours and started enhancing the Free Networks' model. Nowadays he is repeating that process with optical fibre, deploying it according to what he has called the FFTF model, i.e. Fibre From The Farm, a wordplay to stress that the Fibre deployment is made by active common people, From The Farm, instead of by the telcos, To The Home. This model, called as “Bottom-up Broadband initiative” by himself, was one out of eight selected ideas of the The Digital Agenda Stakeholder Day on 25 October 2010. His professional career has always been related to international IT companies.