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Adil Nurmakov is a polıtıcal scıence and new media expert. His professional experience started in 2000 with providing political and media consultancy services in Russia and Kazakhstan. His clients included NGOs, political parties, election campaigns, international organizations and businesses.

Adil has also been among the first Kazakh bloggers to cover social and political issues and has gained a considerable following for his articles and analysis of current issues.

In 2007 he founded a 'Competitiveness Research Center', an independent research NGO. In 2011-14, he has been working as an Assistant Professor at the Journalism Department in the International IT University (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Since August 2014 he joined Media and Communications Department's faculty at KIMEP, Kazakhstan's leading liberal arts university. Adil is also regularly invited to speak about new media and politics at a variety of conferences, forums, training sessions etc., some of which he also helps to organize.

In 2012, Adil has founded, a youth-oriented initiative aimed at increasing political awareness and participation via online and offline activities. In 2014 he co-founded another citizen initiative Ctrl+S Almaty to foster public oversight over transformations in the Kazakhstan's largest city, engagement of city residents in preservation of architectural heritage and promotion of accessible urban environment