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Vanja Gagović, born August 28th 1989, in Cetinje. She finished high school in her hometown and 2008 started studying Design at Visual Arts Academy, on Mediterranean University of Montenegro.

Started her activism in NGO Juventas near the end of 2011. Since then she attended several training courses on community building, capacity building, as well as project writing. She went through peer education training and worked on phone and online counseling. During one school year she’s done several workshops on tolerance through high schools in Montenegrin cities.

As one of the co-founders of Queer Montenegro, she’s involved in most actions involving art, design and community. She’s been in Organizing Board of Montenegro Pride every year. In 2013 she did the visual identity of the Pride and web site

Each Pride she organizes the community to build banners, carry them to ‘’ground zero’’, distribute t-shirts, badges, water and various other materials. In 2014 she was the program host and managed to stutter only once – on the part of the speech she wrote herself.

In general, she’s friendly, outgoing and talkative most of the day, perfectionist with a twist and in constant need of a good soundtrack.