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Fathimath Afiya has extensive experience of 30 years working in various capacities in the Government, Non-governmental, private and the corporate sector. Afiya has over 10 years of broad experience working directly on gender related work and issues. She has experience working directly with UN Agencies, ADB, WHO, IFRC and Red Cross Agencies, Foreign Diplomatic Missions and other INGOs.

Afiya has taught Diploma /Post Graduate students at International Business Services,Avid College and Clique College. Some of the modules that she has lectured include Project Management, Marketing and Personal Development. Afiya has developed modules on economic development, legal rights of women, and financial management training on women for Maldivian Network on Women’s Rights (MNVAW), Ministry of Economic Development and other Institutions.

While working at Ministry of Health, Department of Gender, Family Protection Services, as the Policy head by the Government of Maldives, she had lobbied with ADB, the proposal of Gender Equality Law (GEL) to be included in their work-plan, which has been approved recently by the Parliament .

Faisal Rabbi, Project Management Expert, E-gen, Bangladesh ‘I had the opportunity to work with Fathimath Afiya in one of my hugely successful project, IMSMEDP in Maldives. She worked as the National Youth and the Gender Expert and her work was highly appreciated by the client and ADB. She helped the team develop the National GAP Analysis for the youth and gender action plan. She has been a very congenial person and a team player. I wish her all the success in her future endeavors’.

During post tsunami, while she worked in Care Society (NGO) as a partner to Action Aid International on cross country rehabilitation and reconstruction program in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somali land, Indonesia and Maldives, one of the thematic areas was improving and uplifting the lives of women and promoting women’s rights. A cross-country report on Women’s rights (access to justice was one aspect) during post-Tsunami in South Asian countries were produced and published and Afiya was the Lead Researcher.

She has been part of national researches such as Report submitted to UN Committee on Child Rights on Convention on the Rights, Action Aid cross country reports on Disaster Risk Reduction, Livelihood, Small Fisheries sector affected by Tsunami, as the national researcher. Presently, Afiya is reading for her PhD at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.