Congo IGF (in formation)

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NRI founding stories and development

What is the story of the founding of your NRI? What were its inspiration, its objectives?

The founding of our initiative comes from global inspiration. In our process we are helped by the IGF Academy (set up by iRights and APC). Our inspiration comes from all those countries who do have their initiatives and who are fighting for human rights in cyberspace. The objectives of our national initiatives are to enforce freedom of expression online, children’s and women’s safety online but also all other subjects related to the use of internet in our country.

How did it develop and what difficulties did you experience along the way?

We are still developing and most of our difficulties are related to fundraising.

How do you imagine your NRI and its activities in the future?

All the organising committee is working for an inclusive IGF.

NRI internal governance and initiatives

Who are the people involved in your NRI and how do they contribute to it?

We are still working on it, but as civil society members we are lucky to have the government with us. Their contribution with respect to the other stakeholders will be clarified in the coming and first NIGF.

Have you experienced difficulties in ensuring all stakeholder groups participate fully and more or less equally?

Not for the time being.

Do you measure gender balance in your NRI? Did you undertake measures to encourage gender balance?

No response was provided to this question.

How was your last forum organised, what were the topics chosen and the outcomes of discussion? How was it financed?

We are still working on the first forum.

Are there controversial topics that have been difficult in your NRI and if so, why?


Perspectives on the role of NRIs in internet governance

What is your take about the role of your NRI in internet governance processes, at the level of your country, region and globally?

No response was provided to this question.

How do you perceive your role and position towards other NRIs, the IGF and the IGF Secretariat?

No response was provided to this question.