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Director at InternetLab, and project lead for the Gender and Technology Project.

PhD candidate in Sociology of Law at the University of São Paulo, where she also earned her Masters degree. She currently coordinates, at the same university, the Law, Internet and Society Nucleous (NDIS-USP). Consultant of the Digital Collections Project at the Center for Technology and Society at FGV, where she also co-coordinated the Open Business Models Project, focusing on copyright in the digital music era (2012-2014), and taught the Intellectual Rights course (2014). At FGV, she was one of the legal coordinators of the Creative Commons Brazil.

She is a junior researcher at the Brazilian Center of Law and Democracy for Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP), where she co-authored researches for the Thinking the Law program (Ministry of Justice). She holds a Law degree from the University of São Paulo (LL.B., 2009), specializes in Intellectual Property Law and attended the World Intellectual Property Organization Summer School in 2011. She was also the legal coordinator of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo and currently coordinates the Copyright Working Group of the Museums Archives and Research (CAPES).