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Michael Suantak aka Pum Suan Hang is a civic-minded social innovator in Myanmar. He is one of the Myanmar digital Tarzans from the Jungle of Chin state, one of the least developed states, located in the North-West of Myanmar closed to India and Bangladesh. His primary initiative was building a community wireless network, connecting 20 jungle villages with MESH network in Chin state, where no internet and mobile coverage were available. The network serves educational contents including Khan Academy video contents such as from Rachel PI project and other local news, infotainment in local open source servers which is maintained by local communities. Before, he was one of the founding members of BIT team in 2002 and organisational manager in New Delhi, India. Since then he is a digital security trainer and raised digital security and digital rights awareness together with local and international experts. He frequently joins the panel discussion on community media development and shares the current trend of technology landscape of Myanmar and law enforcement. He is one of the 150 plus DeBoer fellows and currently working with Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM) as a Director, IT specialist for Heisa Community Radio and Freelance Digital Security Trainer and Consultant. He also leads some research including digital and cyber-security auditing for change agents organisation offices and networks, cyber policy development in Myanmar and integrating modern technology into the education system. He is interesting to focus on digital and cyber security policy, laws development and enforcement in Myanmar.