Global Information Society Watch 2017

National and Regional Internet Governance Forum Initiatives (NRIs)

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Flavia Fascendini (APC)

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Project coordinator

Roxana Bassi (APC)


Alan Finlay

Assistant editor, publication production

Lori Nordstrom (APC)


Lori Nordstrom

Valerie Dee

Graphic design


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Matías Bervejillo

APC would like to thank the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) for its support for Global Information Society Watch 2017.

Published by APC, 2017.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the introduction, thematic, regional and national reports of GISWatch are not necessarily the views of APC or of its members.

A special edition of GISWatch, “Internet governance from the edges: NRIs in their own words", is being published as a companion edition to the 2017 GISWatch annual report. It looks at the history, challenges and achievements of NRIs, as recounted by their organisers. It  is available at