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Claudio Pisa received the M.Sc degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University “Roma Tre” in 2008, with a thesis on trusted routing in community networks. Then, after a short research collaboration,
became a post graduate student at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, receiving the Ph.D degree in Telecommunications and Microelectronics in 2013, with the thesis “Improving Service Support in Wireless Community Networks”. He has worked as an R&D engineer in the industry, on Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Cloud Computing and IoT projects. Then he has joined CNIT - an Italian academic consortium targeting research on telecommunications - where he is working on cloud computing, SDN, as well as more security oriented topics. He has participated to several EU funded research projects, including FP7 CONFINE, which targeted the deployment of an experimental testbed in European Community Network infrastructures. Moreover, he is actively involved since its foundation in the Italian wireless community network, where products of his research and open source development activities have been put into practice. He is also involved in the organization of the Battlemesh, an international event which aims at bringing together
wireless mesh network enthusiasts, community network members and open source developers.