GISWatcher reports from "the free Tunisia"

For those who don't know Tunisia : Tunisia is a small country but a great nation. First Arab country that abolished slavery in 1848. First Arab country to establish a constitution in 1861. First Arab country to abolish polygamy in 1956. First Arab country to legalize abortion in 1973. Tunisia is the first Arab country to kick out its dictator and this without the help of any foreign nation!

Today Tunisia has reached a critical and important point in its history after succeeding in its revolution. President Ben Ali has left the country, and government has collapsed leaving the country in an unpredictable situation.

A new “Coalition Government” has been announced bringing old dissidents and Human Rights activists in team with a main focus of preparing a democratic transition.

Friday January 14th 2011, I joined the huge protests in front of the Ministry of Interior and I witnessed brave people asking clearly their dictator to leave.

069Since then Tunisians retrieved their freedom lost many years and began interesting politics.

Young people went on the street asking for more n and more social change without being politically coached.

I have witnessed, and have been part, of the strength of the "real" Tunisian Internet community to use Internet and Web 2.0 ( Blogs, Video, Facebook, Twitter, … ) to support the revolution and everyday’s riots showing to the world what’s happening due to a lack of official local media coverage.

My life has been different during these days : my house is in a hot spot; near El Aouina Army Casern and just between the Airport and the US Embassy. So I took my wife to her father house, and I stayed alone during 5 days. Everything was different each day; night riots with fire shooting between protesters and police during the first 2 days , near helicopter surveillance between army and snipers belonging to Ben Ali Presidential militia during the last 3days.

I have never felt the importance of the security before that. It was the same feeling that had the Tunisian people which led them to go out and organize “Population committees” in each city to protect each city from Ben Ali militia.

Tunisian Internet community is free today and will show to the world what we are capable to accomplish.

Vive Internet and thank you Vint and Internet pioneers to gave us this wonderful tool that helped our revolution.

From the free Tunisia

Khaled Koubaa (GISWatcher in Tunis)