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am a human rights activist and feminist in Albania, currently working with Civil Rights Defenders as a programme officer for Albania. With a background in Philosophy and Sociology (University of Tirana) and a specialization in Human Rights and Democracy in South East Europe (University of Sarajevo & University of Bologna), I have been a contributor in the battle for the respect of human rights. I have expertise in regional dimensions of human rights including civil and political rights, war crimes, genocide, memories and remembrance.

My approach and contribution to the protection of human rights for over ten years is overarching and develops along child rights expertise, social protection, social inclusion and influencing policy-making. I have been a volunteer in the LGBT movement in Albania. Moreover, I have lead several public actions in the struggle for Roma rights in the field of education, housing, access to justice and leveraging networks. Finally, I am engage in an informal feminist group, exploring ways to revamp the concept and nourish the intellectual debate on gender equality.

Recently, I have been engaged more in using art to promote issues of marginalization and have played a major role in the organization in Tirana of the “Seven” theater reading, a play on women rights which proved a very successful public event; and also of the exhibition “Under the Same Roof” with photos from the real life of Roma people in Albania.