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Ms. Ritu Srivastava has over 10 years of rich professional experience in ICT development, managing programmes and projects at different stake-levels of competency. She has been actively entailed with Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) from the last 8 years. Her area of interest, activity and research is in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) at the grassroots level, internet governance, environmental issues, community development, open spectrum policy issues, etc.

Her first stint at the development sector started working with i4d (information for development) magazine, which encompasses the role and relevance of ICT in various development sectors such as Rural Development, Gender issues, Governance, Micro-finance, Education, Health, Wireless Communication, ICT For Poor, Local Content, Culture and Heritage, etc. Being Senior Research Executive and part of editorial member, here, she addressed issues related to ICT and its impact on various subjects like Gender, Human Rights, Internet Governance, HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, Governance, MSME, Education, and many more through her articles.

Her profile is mix of social development sector and corporate sector. Besides her engagement in social sector, she has worked with various publishing houses, including Macmillan India Pvt. Ltd, Tech Book India Pvt. Ltd., and Outsource Partners International Ltd.

Presently, she is assisting Delhi based non-profit organization, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in various ICTD related projects and responsible for project design, ideation, implementation, leading policy meetings, fun-raising proposals, partnership forging, event guidance, workshops management and organizing. She also represented DEF in various international conferences.