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Andrew Garton is an independent filmmaker, musician and writer with a background in community access media. His work spans the genres of non-fiction film-making, short-format documentary, radio documentary drama and podcasting. Andrew was a co-creator of Australia's first national internet provider, Pegasus Networks, and co-founder of the media arts group Toy Satellite. He has since been the inaugural Program Director at Open Channel and worked as a creative producer with screen industry organisations such as EngageMedia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the City of Melbourne and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Andrew has a Master of Arts in Interactive Media and is an Adjunct Industry Fellow, Media and Communication, Swinburne University of Technology. He is a co-founder of the punk fusion trio Rat Kangaroo and lives within his post-production studio, Secession Films, on the outskirts of Melbourne's north eastern green wedge.