Environment and ICT

2020 - Technology, the environment and a sustainable world: Responses from the global South

The world is facing an unprecedented climate and environmental emergency. Scientists have identified human activity as primarily responsible for the climate crisis, which together with rampant environmental pollution, and the unbridled activities of the extractive and agricultural industries, pose a direct threat to the sustainability of life on this planet.


Action Steps: A decade of civil society advocacy in the information society

The purpose of this review was to look back over the past decade of country reports published in Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) and attempt to identify trends in civil society perspectives on what needed to be done to create a people-centred information society. The period for analysis was, more accurately, just over a decade: 2007-2017, during which a GISWatch report was produced each year – a total of 11 reports.


GISWatch: An annual snapshot of the information society, 10 years running

TIC y desarrollo sustentable: ¡Siga a GISWatch en Rio+20!

Miembros del equipo de APC están participando en la convención de las Naciones Unidas sobre desarrollo sustentable y la Cumbre de los pueblos, Rio + 20, en Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, para informar sobre la inclusion de sustentabilidad y TIC en discusiones formales e informales, entre la sociedad civil, el sector privado y los gobiernos. 




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