Freedom of expression


Report Year:   
2011 - Internet rights and democratisation
Frank La Rue

Unlike any other medium, the internet enables individuals to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds instantaneously and inexpensively across national borders.

Regional trends in criminalisation of expression online: An overview

Report Year:   
2017 Special Issue - Unshackling expression: A study on law criminalising expression online in Asia
Geetha Hariharan


Ediciones impresas del MMSI ahora disponibles a pedido

Dos de las más recientes ediciones del Monitor mundial sobre la sociedad de la información ya están disponibles impresas, y pueden pedirse en línea.

New: Update on freedom of expression progress for 10 countries

The 2012 update on action steps for selected countries of GISWatch 2011 looks back at progress in freedom of expression and association for 10 countries: Jamaica, Rwanda, Lebanon, Romania, Ind

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