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Alarab Alayawm
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Yahia Shukkeir is a Jordanian journalist.
He has B.A in journalism. He is a member of International Media Lawyers Association (IMLA) at Oxford University- UK.
He drafted Freedom of Information Law in Jordan (FOI); the first & unique in the Arab world.
He was visiting faculty, Annenberg School for Communication, Pennsylvania University, Summer 2007. He spent an internship with Article 19 London for two months summer 2007.
He is a trainer and lecturer in journalistic skills, media laws, human rights, and investigative reporting. He did training to journalists and NGOs members in most of Arab countries with international and local.
He is an author of the following books:
- "Press Freedoms in Jordan; A comparative Legislative Study", 2002, Published by Jordan Press Association.
- "Media in the Arab World", co-author, Arab Center of Rule of Law and UNDP, Beirut 2007.
- Editor of "Introduction to Media Laws & Policy in Jordan", 2009, Published by IREX and School for Communication at Pennsylvania University, Philadelphia USA with support by USAID.
Shukkeir speaks Arabic (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

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