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Dr. Todor Yalamov is a former senior analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy. His major areas of competence include ICT and its applications in various public spheres, including civil society. Yalamov’s methodological interests are related to scenario planning, social network analysis and big open data – quality assessment of existing public data, its interoperability and integration with GIS. He has 18-year experience with research, policy and training projects in diverse areas as corruption, hidden economy and organized crime, foreign direct investments, corporative governance, currency board and bank behavior, local level e-government, innovation and competitiveness, R&D in ICT sector, broadband internet, call centers, project-management in the energy sector, etc. He has been the coordinator of the infoDev, World Bank inspired and funded Eastern European and Central Asian Business Incubators and Technology Parks Network (ECAbit) from 2008 until 2012 and is currently member of its board.

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