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Emmanuel Vitus
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Web- Journalist | Entrepreneur
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Emmanuel Elolo Agbenonwossi is a web-journalist and Internet Policy Researcher from Togo.

He is a vibrant member of Internet Society chapter in Togo (ISOC-Togo).

His interest topics include Freedom of Expression, digital rights, Access and Affordability, Internet security and cyber diplomacy.

His work and research led him to acquire a deep understanding of the ICT ecosystem in Togo and provide policymakers with advice and assistance.

Emmanuel has contributed to many policy research in West African sub-region mainly in Togo, Ghana, Cote - d’Ivoire, and Burkina-Faso.

He is a fellow of ICANN, AfriSIG and the IGF Academy

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  • Togo - (2017 - National and Regional Internet Governance Forum Initiatives (NRIs))
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