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Alexandra Crosby is a lecturer in design studies at UTS. She is a also a writer, researcher, project manager and designer. She has worked with a wide range of groups and individuals, primarily on creative approaches to environmental issues such as forest and water management, and particularly with groups in Indonesia and Australia. In 2005 and 2008, Alexandra was co-director of the Gang Festival with Rebecca Conroy, an ongoing creative exchange project between Indonesia and Australia. In 2008, Gang Festival published an anthology titled re:Publik, Indonesia-Australia Creative Adventures. In 2008 she also received the Kirk Robson Memorial Award for Leadership in Community Cultural Development.

In 2007, Alexandra returned from a position in Yogyakarta as a Visual Arts Officer for the Australian Youth Ambassador for Development program. In 2004, she worked on the project Beyond the Factory Walls, living on the outskirts of Jakarta and producing digital storytelling and live performance with the group Teater Buruh Indonesia. She is now completing a PhD researching the visual culture of activist communities in Java.

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