Internet governance

Florencia Roveri, Nodo TAU, Argentina

GISWatch is a unique experience, I think. Don´t know if there is a similar project in other fields.

Byoung-il Oh, Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet, South Korea

I think GISWatch is valuable for researchers and activists to take a view of general global situation and compare the situation of each country.

Gopalakrishnan R, Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment, India

The GISWatch is one of the most timely initiatives that seeks to document the global information society language which is crucial in this digital age.

Rozalia Klara Bako, StrawberryNet Foundation and Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania

GW raises awareness on ICT policy processes on local, regional and global levels. Gives the creative input of a civil society perspective.

Ababacar Diop , Jonction, Senegal

The report is like a tool for evaluation, awareness, advocacy and monitoring.

Hamza Ben Mehrez, iGmena, Tunisia

The project is very substantial and provide interesting themes that enable you to think of new exciting topics and make a better policy analysis.

Carlos Guerrero, NGO Hiperderecho, Peru

I think the 2017s topic reflected the rising importance of the National and Regional Initiatives of Internet Governance.

Yunusa Zakari Ya'u, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Nigeria, GW author

"This is a very useful tool that will catalyze citizens' action in tracking and monitoring internet related policy making processes and initiatives.

— yzyau

GISWacth 2017

Global Information Society Watch 2017 on National and Regional Internet Governance Forums will be launched in Geneva

Together with a special companion edition: “Internet governance from the edges: NRIs in their own words”

GW 2017 focused on National and Regional IGFs (NRIs)

APC has taken initiative to compile two editions of 

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