Où surveillons nous?

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Tobias Schonwetter
South Africa African Copyright and Access to Knowledge (ACA2K) Project
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Kemly Camacho
Costa Rica Cooperativa Sulá Batsú
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Alphonse Ntita Misakabu
DMTIC (Dynamique Multisectorielle pour les Technologies de l’Information et de...
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Achal Prabhala
African Copyright and Access to Knowledge Project
GISWatch may be very useful for thosewho want to have a general idea of global situation on specific issues and in that sense, the theme is often quite broad, so different topics may be included in the same theme.
- Oh Byoungil, Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
I would say that its highest value is in the global visibility it has and the facts that smaller, remote countries are reported and in this way become visible and part of the global conversations.
- Valentina Pellizzer, one world platform, Bosnia Herzegovina - GISWatch author