Internet and corruption

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The internet and corruption: Inhibitor or enabler to a fair society?

While hidden cameras can document and flag human rights abuses by authoritarian governments, these same videos can then be used to identify dissidents who are later detained and tortured, explains David Sasaki in his introduction to this year’s Global Information Society Watch, which focuses on transparency and accountability online.


Report Year:   
2012 - The internet and corruption

Global Information Society Watch 2012

Steering committee

  • Anriette Esterhuysen (APC)
  • Loe Schout (Hivos)

Coordinating committee

Governments using ICTs for integrity and accountability: Some thoughts on an emergent research and advocacy agenda

Report Year:   
2012 - The internet and corruption
Transparency International

False dawn, window dressing or taking integrity to the next level?


Report Year:   
2012 - The internet and corruption
APC & Hivos

The theme for this year’s GISWatch – “transparency and accountability with a focus on corruption” – is for some a difficult one.

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