¿Dónde estamos observando?

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Fatima Roumate
Morocco Faculty of Juridical Sciences, economic and social. Agdal Rabat Presidente of...
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Natalia Neris
Brazil Internet Lab
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Silvain de Munck
The Netherlands TNO Delft
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Manuela Monteiro
Netherlands Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos)
I would say that its highest value is in the global visibility it has and the facts that smaller, remote countries are reported and in this way become visible and part of the global conversations.
- Valentina Pellizzer, one world platform, Bosnia Herzegovina - GISWatch author
After reading through the 53 national reports, the truth seems unassailable. In report after report, electronic waste rises to the top of the list.
- Anthony Louis D'Agostino