¿Dónde estamos observando?

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Byoungil Oh
Republic of Korea Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
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Giacomo Mazzone
Italy European Broadcasting Union
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Jamael Jacob
Philippines FMA
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Javier Ruiz
United Kingdom Open Rights Group
I would say that its highest value is in the global visibility it has and the facts that smaller, remote countries are reported and in this way become visible and part of the global conversations.
- Valentina Pellizzer, one world platform, Bosnia Herzegovina - GISWatch author
The number of reports published on human rights on the internet in the last year alone is staggering. Who has the time to read them all? The good news is you don’t have to. If you take the time to read one report, make it GISWatch 2011.
- Matthias C. Kettemann, Co-Chair Internet Rights & Principles Coalition