¿Dónde estamos observando?

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Ben Wagner
Italy European University Institute
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Rafid Fatani
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Strategic Internet Consulting (SASIc)
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Lia Patricia Hernández
Panama Ipandetec
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Hiba Dlewati
Syria n/a
The project is a great source of knowledge on different country perspectives on similar themes. I rely on GISWatch for research that I do on gender issues as it provides research on topical issues.The report development process provides a structure that authors can follow but still allows them to be flexible in their write up.
- Chenai Chair, Research ICT Africa, South Africa - GISWatch author
GISWatch may be very useful for thosewho want to have a general idea of global situation on specific issues and in that sense, the theme is often quite broad, so different topics may be included in the same theme.
- Oh Byoungil, Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet