Report Year:   
2012 - The internet and corruption

Global Information Society Watch 2012

Steering committee

  • Anriette Esterhuysen (APC)
  • Loe Schout (Hivos)

Coordinating committee

  • Karen Banks (APC)
  • Monique Doppert (Hivos)
  • Valeria Betancourt (APC)

Project coordinator

  • Valeria Betancourt


  • Alan Finlay

Assistant editor

  • Lori Nordstrom

Publication production

  • Mallory Knodel


  • Valerie Dee
  • Lori Nordstrom

Graphic design

Monocromo Phone: +598 2 400 1685

Cover illustration

  • Matías Bervejillo

Financial support provided by

Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos)

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Global Information Society Watch Published by APC and Hivos 2012

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence Some rights reserved.

ISSN: 2225-4625

ISBN: 978-92-95096-85-1


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