Where are we watching?

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María Julia Morales González
Uruguay ObservaTIC
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Katitza Rodríguez
United States Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Arthit Suriyawongkul
Thailand Thai Netizen Network
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Jane Duncan
South Africa University of Johannesburg
There is genuine need for the new spaces opened by this project , which at the same time sharing different country experiences building plat form for solidarity and supporting different communities to share their challenges and to show the state violations of its international HR obligation. The report development for me is a learning process and opportunity to meet other activists and defenders from different country sharing the same values and principles
- Liemia Eljaili Abubkr - Freelance Journalist - Sudan – GISWatch author
ICT policy issues were not a priority for our organization previously. Due to GISW we got involved in this areas and disseminate these ideas in the Romanian NGO and academic communities.
- Rozalia Klara Bako - StrawberryNet Foundation and Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania - GISWatch author